Announcing the MiniFix Kit

If you're like me, you have an arsenal of makeup; products you collected over time from recommendations of friends, miracle products you read about in posts and magazines, not to mention free samples.  Naturally we all have our favorite oldies but goodies and new must haves, but how does one decide on how to edit that drawer or basket full of products to just a few essentials to throw in a small bag that'll fit in your purse, that adorable new trending mini cross body bag you just had to have??

You go through your usual makeup routine with your favorite products, playing around with one or two new products or ideas and you give yourself a final look of approval in the mirror and you're ready to face the day. Or are you?  Whether you're a fashionista or the girl next store, you know a quick makeup fix is needed here and there to keep you looking like that last mirror check you did that morning. When it comes to makeup, there are a few essentials that will have you slay all day. A fix of mascara to keep the eyes big and bright, a dab of concealer to look fresh and energized, bronzer to keep the glow going, shining, moist lips that say I'm ready for anything and a quick swipe of eyeliner to take you from day to night.  

The Holy Grail...MiniFix Makeup! Five essential, mini, must have products: mascara, concealer, bronzer, lipgloss and eyeliner all conveniently packed in a mini case and ready to go in that fabulous new mini cross body bag! The products work with most skin tones, and can easily be blended with another to give you that exact color and look you desire. MiniFix Makeup also has customized options of mini eyeshadows, lipsticks, and brow fix.  

Think about the possibilities. The gym... you grab your water, keys, phone, yoga mat and your MiniFix, now you're walking out feeling good and looking better. The's 5:15 and you're ready for happy hour with friends. I could go on and on but I think you get it.  

MiniFix Makeup for the girl on the go, because ladies, size does matter ❤️

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