Cruelty Free Review from The Leaping Bunny!

We asked our colleague, Emily, to review @minifixmakeup and she has so much to rave about! Check out her review below:

The packaging and products are aptly named, they’re mini, but pack a lot of color and in my experience, were very long-lasting! It’s really a perfect makeup kit that covers all the bases, and fits in most handbags! Perfect for a night out when you don’t want to take any full-sized products. Anyone who knows the horror that is finding a broken powder or uncapped liquid foundation in their purse will love Minifix! The texture of the lip products was thin, but I really enjoyed the color and how they felt on my lips. The eyeliner and applicator was long-lasting and precise. The eyeliner especially lasted longer than the one I usually use, which makes me wish I had a full-size Minifix one for daily use! And finally, the lipstick may have been my favorite component. The texture was smooth and long-lasting, and no grainy lipstick residue when it eventually wore off. It’s so refreshing that Minifix didn’t sacrifice the quality of their products for the novelty of convenience.

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