Belt bag- Mini Bag Trend Updates - November 2017

It was love at first Gucci sight when I laid eyes on their Quilted Marmont Belt bag this fall. What a perfect companion to the busy city girl on the go. A hands free convenient travel companion accessory which is the seemingly perfect sequel to the beloved cross body bag we all have come to know and love. Wanting it so badly, but how could I actually get past the already embedded stigma of the dreaded fanny pack?  

The fanny pack, to all those who are too young to have lived through it, was in my humble opinion THE fashion accessory don’t of this century. I’m somewhat jaded being a self proclaimed designer handbag aficionado and collector, however, Im pretty confident in this assessment. If you had any fashion sense or self respect, it just wasn’t worn. My forgiveness to the athletes or amateur runners of the time. One has to give them some slack out of pure necessity and functionality.

Gucci Belt Bag

Some history: The fanny pack was born in the 80’s along with other forgettable and regrettable styles, it was made from an unappealing synthetic canvas or other similar unstylish fabrics, colors that were sported by the masses of the fashionably challenged all over the world. I know this sounds unkind, but I’m being honest. It wasn’t a pretty sight and it became the poster child accessory equivalent of the pocket protector. Necessary for some and highly functional, but no one cool wore them.  

Later on: In the 90's, Coach tried to elevate this efficient style into what they called the belt bag. It was a cute utilitarian upscale version of the fanny pack… and definitely better. Made of their trademark hard leather (detachable from a real belt), it was kind of cute. I have to admit, i went there … oh and did I mention it came with a detachable cross body strap? Seriously, I really liked it and it was versatile!

So here I am, present day having prejudicial pause at purchasing this hot new and highly improved Gucci belt bag. The likes of which most faint of heart designers dare not make a comeback of (being such a dreaded accessory). I gotta admit, Im in love with all that is Gucci at the moment, so one can take that with a grain of salt. However, to me this is a resurrection of something hated into something revered. Kudos to the handbag designers! Sold out world wide with more styles to come in the spring season, belt bags are sure to be the new staple of fashionistas everywhere. 

In closing, I have to give my humble apologies to the Fanny pack. You clearly had your place in history and have become the hot new current designer inspiration in accessories. I’m looking forward to all the new styles you will inspire and will be first on line to get mine. Girls, whoever the designer... a great new accessory and small makeup bag option for evenings. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Minifix Makeup kits and components are the perfect fit in these and any small bag you may carry!

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