Are You a Travel Minimalist or Overpacker?

Oh the lifestyle of the jet setter… or is it? Shopping the fashionably cool Le Marais in Paris, eating your way from Bologna to Palermo; sipping rosé at the Chevalier Blanc in St. Barts, it's all so glamorous and exciting, right? Of course it is, once you get there! It's the getting there that can bring on your "overthetop" anxiety that'll have you grabbing the xanax before you pull out the suitcase.

Whether it's excitement or anxiety (or most likely a little bit of both) that have you frazzled before your fabulous travels, preparing and packing for everything you'll need to make that experience amazing can be an overwhelming process.

Are you the over packer or the minimalist? Either way, careful thought and strategy must come into play here. Not to mention todays ever changing security rules and regulations. When it comes to pulling together your look for the trip, the over packer will think two to three outfits a day, plus throw in a few ‘special’ looks, because you just never know. The minimalist will strategically choose pieces that mix and match for several on point stylish looks that'll work in any situation.

On to the real challenge... toiletries and makeup. How does one decide what to bring? Even if you're a seasoned TSA pre-approved traveler, you’ll need to know your security rules and limitations. The over packer will take that second, or third suitcase to carry all their must-haves whereas the minimalist will think drugstore travel sized toiletries and simple must have makeup essentials.  

The MiniFix Makeup classic or custom kit can work for whichever type of jetsetter you are. The overpacking girl will grab her custom kit with her favorite mini makeup essentials. She does so because that same kit fits easily in one of her trendy clutches that she brought to go perfectly with that special outfit she packed.

The minimalist girl who likes to keep it light, will take her mini makeup from her classic kit throughout her travels.

MiniFix Makeup allows both savvy traveling jet setters to go from museum to coffee, shopping to dinner, beach to lunch, day to night or wherever their amazing jet setting trip has in store for them.

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