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Being a mom of two boys under two certainly keeps me busy! We love to spend our days going on adventures, mostly to get the toddler to run out some of that energy. In the diaper bag I keep all our on-the-go essentials and one for mommy too - my MiniFix makeup! It’s the perfect size for the one item I’m allowed to have in there because it holds everything I need for a touch up. Each pouch has 5 items you can customize or purchase preselected and a mirror. For me, my must haves include a concealer- so it looks like mommy actually slept, lipstick- always a staple for any girl, mascara-instant rejuvenation, eyeliner- to give these eyes a little life and eyebrow gel- to keep these brows in place while I chase the toddler around the playground.

 Another major plus is MiniFix is vegan and cruelty free. They have a variety of colors to go with and complement any skin tone. Besides that, the kit that comes in the cutest pouch, you can purchase items separately, switch them out and try out all the colors. Let’s face it, the eyeshadow I’m wearing to playdates and the eyeshadow I’m rocking on date night are NOT the same ;)


Loving my MiniFix!

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