Skin Care is Essential, Makeup is a Choice

Makeup lovers come in all shades, styles and looks.  It’s all about enhancing ones natural beauty (or as we like to say, empowerment one lip gloss at a time!).   The trending ‘No Makeup Makeup Look’ appears as if it’s here to stay, and why not. It stresses skin care before makeup, and we couldn’t agree more.

With the new fall season just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to transition into your new wardrobe style but also a fresh new makeup look.  Think of a glow that seems to come from within, a sun kissed look without the sun of course because we can never stress the importance of sunscreen enough even in the cooler temps.

Once you’ve mastered that fresh dewy look of your skin, you need only to enhance your features. Start by grooming and defining your brows, after all they are the frame to your face.  A little concealer under your eyes to even out your skin tone and achieve a rested appearance, and just in case, to cover a little blip that may have popped up overnight. A quick swipe of mascara will brighten and open up the eyes.  A touch of hydrating liquid bronzer in just the right places to create that desirable sun kissed glow. Finish off your natural look with a swipe of moisturizing, sheer lipgloss for a healthy, fresh shine.

MiniFix Makeup’s new No Makeup, Makeup Kit has carefully selected those five essential mini makeup products to not only give you that fresh faced natural look, but keep it looking that way all day long. The kit includes: Mini Concealer (available in multiple shades), Mini Clear Brow Fix, Mini Liquid Bronzer, Mini Black Mascara and a Mini Nude Lipgloss that not only compliment most skin tones, but achieve that glow of a natural no makeup makeup look.

Remember, skin care is essential, makeup is a choice….make good choices! MiniFix Makeup is the only choice when it comes to having your look on point all day, wherever, whenever.  Your go to, quick fix mini makeup kit! Where will your MiniFix take you?

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