The Lips Have it

The sheer act of applying a red lipstick can be empowering.  It reads strength and passion like no other color.  Its history is long and scandalous, from powerful queens to certain ladies of the night.  Fast forward to today and women of all ages, race and backgrounds are wearing their red lips in as many different ways as there are different shades of the most popular lipstick color.  

Timeless and always in style, especially in the cooler seasons of fall and winter, red lipstick can give you the confidence and allure of a modern day, strong woman that is so important in today’s environment.

The best way to wear today’s red lip look is to down play the eye makeup with a more neutral shadow and a little mascara, letting your lips bring the color and focus to your face. It’s important to be precise when applying your red lipstick, as there’s little room for error.  A little concealer around your lip before you  apply helps with any bleeding of the color and a quick check of your teeth to avoid any lipstick on them. Remember you want to look confident and strong, not sloppy.

MiniFix Provocateur red mini lipstick comes in our slim stick applicator and is a classic red that works with most skin tones.  Play with a lip liner that is a shade closer to your natural lip color for the best look.  Our Bordello red mini lipgloss is a sheer red gloss for those who aren’t quite ready to commit to the full on power of a bold red lip.  Pair Provocateur and Bordello for an amazing pout that’ll shout...I’m a strong and sexy woman!

P.S. Tricks with your MiniFix:  a dab of Provocateur on the apples of your cheeks for a quick fix glow and go!

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