To Tote or not to Tote - Mini Bag Trend Update - February 2018

The tote, by its very definition is a bag made to carry, and girls do we ever! Everyday, chic and savvy women use this bag as their main bag / can’t leave home without all their tricks of the trade to get them through whatever the day may throw at them. They are ready to take on the world… that is if they are not too exhausted from schlepping that overstuffed arsenal they packed.

The tote bag became a craze thanks to the LL Bean ‘boat bag’ in the 1940's and became popular culture in the 50's because it was easier to handle than traditional luggage. Kate Spade was to thank for transforming the tote bag into a fashion bag which was embraced by fashionistas everywhere. Today, they can be found from every designer at every price point in a variety of fabrics and patterns. The choices are endless.

You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about the tote bag when I have been focusing on the hottest mini bags in my past articles. After all we are a company about mini sized makeup! The point is, our MiniFix makeup kits not only fit perfectly in your mini bag of choice, they also take up no space in the urban girls go to bag, the tote. Whoever you are, the tote is a universal everyday must-have utilitarian bag. But with all the space they provide, who couldn’t use more room or less weight?

Today's savvy girls know it’s all about streamlining their life as well as looking great while doing it. It's about making a multitasking look, look like “I’ve got this!” That’s what Minifix was created for! The perfect mini sized premium makeup emergency kit!  We have you covered! Your new BFF, MiniFix fits anywhere, neatly and discretely to keep you looking your best for any unexpected occasion that arises.

So go ahead and grab that tote today, you're going to need it. But leave that heavy makeup bag at home where it belongs and instead grab a MiniFix makeup kit and give your arm a break. On the go and ever ready with way more space for life’s other necessities. Tomorrow’s a more carefree day, open to whatever may arise. Remember, you got this!!

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