Minifix Makeup Frequently Asked Questions


What is Minifix Makeup?

Minifix is a lifestyle makeup line of curated makeup products which are all designed to be mini in size for easy on the go fixes.

Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

No, you do not need to have an account and our line is not subscription based.

Where is Minifix Makeup made?

Minifix Makeup is made and filled in the USA.  the case, mirror and cosmetic components are imported from China.

Is Minifix Makeup tested on animals?

All of our makeup is cruelty free.

Is Minifix Makeup hypo allergenic?

All of our makeup is dermatologically tested.  Please refer to our ingredients page for individual information.

Is Minifix Makeup made of vegan ingredients?

Our makeup ingredients have been vegan approved.

Is Minifix Makeup sold at other retailers?

Minifix Makeup kits are available at select Aerie Stores and on their website as well as Macy's Atlanta in The Market.

I placed an order when will my package arrive?

Most orders are filled within 24 hours and are shipped USPS priority which generally arrives in 2-3 days.

Can I change my order once its been placed?

If you made an error, or changed your mind please contact us at support@minifixmakeup.com ASAP so we can help adjust your purchase before it ships.

I have a damaged case/ mirror, where can I get a replacement?

While nothing lasts forever, we realize sometimes things happen.  So we offer a one time replacement kit and mirror to every customer who has purchased a kit.  We also sell empty cases and additional mirrors on our Kit page.

Do you accept returns?

To try us is to love us but...If you're not completely in love with our products we will accept returns within a week of purchase.

How can I reach your customer service?

Please email support@minfixmakeup.com